Vision & Mission Statement:
The Regenerative and Life-Affirming Way of Eco Pax Mundi Agora

Eager to realise its inspiring motto 'Joining Hands to Advance Life-Affirming Earth Regenerative Living,' Eco Pax Mundi Agora translates a post-ecocidal philosophy into a hands-on, non-profit international ecohumanitarian organisation with intergenerational projection poised to leave a lasting legacy for the future of Mother Earth. Eco Pax Mundi Agora is well aware of the fact that we are faced with a trying future with gloomy scenarios as part of the picture including the likely collapse of the current civilisation following global overheating and additional forms of 'synergistic' ecological shifts. However, this bleak prospect doesn't stop Eco Pax Mundi Agora from taking action. Far from it, it stirs in Eco Pax Mundi Agora a profound sense of responsibility whilst spurring the organisation to hold the highest standards and aiming at firmly planting a seed upon which, it is hoped, future generations will be able to build a fully-fledged ecological civilisation.

Against this background, Eco Pax Mundi Agora may be said to offer both transformational adaptation and radical change. That is to say, this project provides the framework to either mitigate and adapt to a changing climate whilst transmuting the socio-economic structure, or to create from scratch a successor ecological civilisation should the collapse of the modern world take us quite by surprise. In either case, it is conspicuous to Eco Pax Mundi Agora that our old world is dying, but, more importantly, a new one is being born. Eco Pax Mundi Agora is to facilitate the birth of this nascent reality in whichever capacity. 

With the steady establishment of agoras in depopulated villages, towns and cities of any size, Eco Pax Mundi Agora is intent upon regenerating the planet, thereby contributing to the stabilisation of the climate, by scaling up regenerative organic microfarming and permaculture practices. These practices not only secure food, water and feedstock to the human settlements that agree to be part of the project; what is more, they lead to the revival of local economies and attendant cultural life in a context of localisation, seed & food sovereignty and bioregionalism.

The low-tech and thus low-cost agora, which understands that photosynthesis is our most precious free gift from the Sun and the most efficient technology upon the planet, and that the human body is also the most efficacious machine ever invented, further facilitates the small-scale model of community coexistence where the instilling of an ecocentric ethic is propitious. Within this setting, Eco Pax Mundi Agora advances birth control, reduction of needs towards sufficiency as well as the rewilding of the Earth, amongst other initiatives necessary to apologise to Mother Earth and undo the unjustified harm that we humans, lured into the consumerist western paradigm, have been inflicting upon her at the expense of equally worthy creatures from the mineral kingdom, flora and fauna.

Eco Pax Mundi Agora, therefore, intends to assist us in the awakening from the materialistic slumber into which we have collectively fallen. To this end, the organisation extends to all those municipalities and individuals willing to be part of the experiment an invitation to (re)discover the tremendous joy that ensues from living by the gifts of Mother Earth while engaged in the crafts, the arts and the humanities in a multicultural-cum-polyglot atmosphere and accompanied by a moderate degree of technological sophistication.

Eco Pax Mundi Agora invites us all to conjointly explore the many possibilities that open up when we are willing to travel light upon the planet and thus make peace with Mother Earth. To be sure, the organisation envisages, with the progressive deployment of the project, the consolidation of a much-needed post-ecocidal turn in the human ways for the sake of respect for other species. The time is high for many of us to embark upon this extraordinary and uplifting adventure!


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'A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history'.
-Mahatma Gandhi

'The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it'.
-Mother Teresa

'There is no passion to be found playing small -in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living'.
-Nelson Mandela

An International Ecohumanitarian Organisation

Eco Pax Mundi Agora

'Joining Hands to Advance Life-Affirming Earth Regenerative Living'

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