About (Dr) Ruth Thomas-Pellicer

"Cultivate [personal excellence] in your person,
And the character you develop will be genuine;
Cultivate it in your family,
And its character will be abundant;
Cultivate it in your village,
And its character will be enduring;
Cultivate it in the state,
And its character will flourish;
Cultivate it in the world,
And its character will be all-pervading."

-Dao De Jing, Chapter 54

was born in Reus (Catalonia) on March 24, 1974 into a family of shopkeepers. Over the years, I have enjoyed the support, strength and example of a lovely mother and lacked that of a responsible father, whom I love all the same. 

Even though I spent some years immersed in the simultaneous study of a number of languages, including German, Dutch and Japanese, I soon needed to expand my horizons and went on to embarked upon a B.A. in the Humanities. I loved those years bathed in insights into a number of cognitive directions!  

However, my love for the whole of creation makes me highly sensitive to the developing ecological catastrophe. Climate change can make the planet inhospitable for a large number of life forms, including humans. This looming threat led me to undertake environmental studies. My first contact with ecology was through ecological economics, which I studied at both the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Keele University (England). Subsequently I conducted my PhD in environmental philosophy at the University of Surrey (England). I have published my doctoral thesis in book format under the title 'The Places of God in an Age of Re-Embodiments: What is Culture?'

From these studies I have incessantly derived a great deal of hope. I have learnt that, however dire the situation, it is possible to stabilize the climate with simple (i.e. low-tech and low-cost) solutions that only entail respecting nature's processes, chief amongst which is photosynthesis. My pressing sense of global responsibility inspired me to devise EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org, which revolves around the potential of photosynthesis to transform harmful atmospheric carbon into an input of soil fertility.

I conceive EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org as an expression of the political portfolio upheld on the part of the global altermondialiste movement. That is, I undoubtably hold hope for our uncertain future. However, it is also my belief that we must be readily willing to fight, to the point of exhaustion but without ever compromising our vision, against the current. 

An International Ecohumanitarian Organization


‘Crafting Carbon-Negative Living'