Duties Contracted by Municipalities 

The municipalities that become members of EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org contract a number of duties as they gain their membership:

(A) Recruitment of Co-Stewards;

(B) Provision of Land for Eco Pax Mundi Agora Co-stewardship;

(C)  Basic Layout of an Agora;

(D) EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org Membership for a Minimum of 30 Years;

(E) Instructing Another Seed Agora;

(F) Provision of Inexpensive Lodging and Board to Seed Co-Stewards;

(G) Audits.

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(A) Recruitment of Co-Stewards: the municipality that becomes EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org member commits, with EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org's assistance, to recruiting between 25 and 45 co-stewards. The number of co-stewards will be proportional to the hectares (acres) that the municipality makes available for the agora. All co-stewards must be employable on the agora in tasks linked to permaculture design, organic farming, animal husbandry, food-processing, ecological education, event management, eco-tourism, hygiene, administrative work and social media. Co-stewards can be lifelong villagers, villagers from neighbouring municipalities or/and urban newcomers that flee unemployment or stressfully alienating lifestyles. The municipality will ease all the legal procedures to have the newcomers registered in the municipality.  
Co-stewards will receive the full training at either the global agora within the same bioregion, or part of it (regenerative organic farming, permaculture design, low-tech trades) in a neighbouring ecosystem agora and the rest (ecological economics, economic globalization/localization) at the global agora within the same bioregion.   

(B) Provision of Land for Eco Pax Mundi Agora Co-stewardship: municipalities will put at EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org's disposal a plot of land not smaller than 1.5 hectares (3.75 acres) where the agora will be established. The municipality must be ready to make all co-stewards part of the agora co-propitors of the land. However, co-stewards won't gain co-property until they have successfully set up a seed agora, develop it into seedling agora (four years), and this into an ecosystem agora (another four years).  
There is no limit to the extension of land offered for Eco Pax Mundi Agora co-stewardship. EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org will train as many co-stewards (in different batches) as land will be made available by the municipality. However, EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org works on the principle of small farming. This means that when an extensive plot of land is made available several agoras linked to the same municipality will be considered, instead of just a big one. Alternatively, when the extension of land made available by the municipality is considerable, the municipality is encouraged to consider the reproduction and reconstruction of part of the settlement, such as education facilities and some housing, within the agora, and thus based on the sustainable principles of permaculture design.       

(C) Basic Layout of an Agora: once seed co-stewards have received their initial three months of training, they are equipped to set up the seed agora on the ground provided by the municipality that has recruited them along with EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org. Always abiding by the principles of regenerative organic farming and permaculture design, co-stewards have leeway when it comes to the crops, vegetables, shrubs, fruit trees and trees they will grow and the livestock they will raise. However, all agoras must contain three basic features. Namely, a seed bank, a nursery and the Agora Meeting Hall.

The seed bank and nursery are to ensure the preservation of genetic diversity within a bioregion (and globally), and the provision of seeds and seedlings, at a reasonable cost, to other agoras. Both seeds and seedlings can also be traded in the global market, thereby generating a source of income to the agora. The Agora Meeting Hall must also be present on the agora since each agora must promote educational activities on premises. The Agora Meeting Hall may also include a dining room, a kitchen and sleeping rooms to cater for the eco-tourists of the area, thereby generating another source of income to the agora.   

(D) EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org Membership for a Minimum of 30 Years: regenerating the land and restoring the local economy is a time-consuming process. EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org estimates that this process takes a minimum of 30 years. To be sure, 30 years is the timespan that a generation is conceived to last in industrialized countries, that is, the time that it takes for a new-born baby to mature and as an adult have offspring of its own. Likewise, to be considered a senior ecosystem agora, a junior ecosystem agora must employ a second generation of co-stewards. In short, municipalities must offer the land for Eco Pax Mundi Agora co-stewardship for at least 30 years. 

(E) Instructing Another Seed Agora: one of the strengths of EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org is that it operates on the principle of solidarity. This feature assists the organization in its exponential growth. Municipalities agree to turn their agoras, once they have reached the status of ecosystem agoras (roughly 8 years after their foundation) into learning centres for a minimum of one seed agora within the same bioregion. That is, ecosystem co-stewards commit to passing down to at least a batch of seed co-stewards (between 25 and 45) their co-stewardship experience in regenerative organic farming, permaculture design and all the low-tech trades developed on their ecosystem agora. The instruction is conducted on the ecosystem agora. 

(F) Provision of Inexpensive Lodging and Board to Seed Co-Stewards: the municipality agrees to offer inexpensive accommodation facilities to the seed co-stewards who are undergoing training on its ecosystem agora. Likewise, the municipality commits to making arrangements so that board to these co-stewards is offered at free of for-profit fees. 

(G) Audits: EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org will conduct annual audits to the seed and seedling agoras until they reach the mature junior-ecosystem-agora stage after some eight years of its foundation. Once an agora is at the junior ecosystem stage it will receive audits every three  years until it fully comes of age and reaches the status of senior ecosystem agora, that is, after 30 years of EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org membership. Municipalities must comply with all the requirements to have the audit conducted on their agora. 

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