Brave Eco Pax Mundi Agoranism:
We are the Awesome People
from All Walks of Life


'So, you feel like you ain't nobody?
Always needed to be somebody?
Put your feet on the ground
Put your hand on your heart
Lift your head to the stars
And the world's for your taking
All you gotta do is save the world, yeah

So, you feel like it's the end of the story?
Find it all pretty satisfactory?
Well, I tell you, my friend
This might seem like the end
But the continuation is [y}ours for the making
(Yes, you're a hero[/ine}, ooh, yeah)

'The Hero', Flash Gordon, Queen (1980)

In line with the ecological glocal mindset ('Think globally, act locally'), there are two major blocks of beneficiaries to Eco Pax Mundi Agora. One is a generic global human and more-than-human population that benefits from the climate-chaos mitigating impact of the agoras. Eric Toensmeier in The Carbon Farming Solution estimates that regenerative organic farming, coupled with a transition to renewables, can return the atmosphere to the safe 350 parts per million of C02. 

The other group of beneficiaries is made up of those people who more directly partake in the project, viz. the Eco Pax Mundi Agorians. We're people from all walks of life, ages,  ethnic and religious backgrounds. To different extents and in different capacities we contribute to the planetary post-ecocidal turn to which the organisation is committed. Amongst the Eco Pax Mundi Agorians we may find the EPMA Co-Stewards, the EPMA Rooting Institutions, the EPMA Public Sponsors, the EPMA Philanthropists and the EPMA Staff.

The EPMA Co-Stewards are those who anonymously, so to speak, develop the agoras, regenerate the Earth and revive the local economies. You can read about their role in the organisation by clicking here

The EPMA Rooting Institutions are those collectives that put tracts of land under the EPMA Perpetual Co-Stewardship Fund so that these can be co-stewarded as Eco Pax Mundi Agoras. 

The EPMA Public Sponsors are the public institutions that support Eco Pax Mundi Agora with funds or by giving tracts of land to the EPMA Perpetual Co-Stewardship Fund so that EPMA expenses may be covered, more land may be acquired and thus more Eco Pax Mundi Agoras may be established.

The EPMA Perpetual Co-Stewardship Fund may also benefit from the generous donations on the part of another key group of Eco Pax Mundi Agorians, namely, the EPMA Philanthropists. EPMA Philanthropists are private people or collectives, including companies, that obviously sympathise with the work of the organisation and on a one-time or regular basis decide to support Eco Pax Mundi Agora. 

The EPMA Staff is made up of a core group of dedicated individuals who coordinate the organisation and make it work. This core group is made up of the EPMA Planetary Co-StewardshipCommittee who gives constant shape to the organisation and thinks through how to both raise its profile and secure funds. There are also numerous EPMA Bioregional Coordinators who oversee work at the bioregional steering agoras and report to the International Steering Committee whilst simultaneously functioning as ambassadors of the organisation. Moreover, in each of the bioregional steering agoras there are three permaculturists along with an administrative assistant.  

In a context where Eco Pax Mundi Agora instills diligence into its staff members and requests from them a heartfelt avowal to its post-ecocidal commitment, each of us engages in the organisation according to our capacity. There are no higher-ups commanding underlings. As agorian peers we are equals and, accordingly, when there shall be funds, we all shall be equally paid. 


A Cross-Planetary Organisation of Intertwining Havens Earnestly Committed to Re-Embodying Action

Eco Pax Mundi Agora

'Joining Hands to Advance Life-Affirming 
Earth Regenerative Living in Proactive Noble Thought & Deed'