Elevator Pitch

We are headed towards a rise of up to 7.8º Celsius by the year 2100! The non-profit Eco Pax Mundi Agora offers a uniquely holistic solution to climate change and industrial agriculture in Spain by providing education in regenerative organic farming, permaculture design and ecological economics to villagers and urban dwellers who wish to restore the ecological, economic and social life of depopulated rural settlements. 

With the training received, the participants set up an agora on the land provided by the municipality member of Eco Pax Mundi Agora. An agora grows food and fibre, raises livestock and keeps a seed bank, thereby reviving the local economy and restoring local services. 

Eco Pax Mundi Agora works on the principle of solidarity, making it a highly self-sufficient organization with a high impact but dependent on relatively little external funding. In time the organization intends to scale up internationally.

Eco Pax Mundi Agora, by systemically delivering the carbon-negative Agrarian Systems longed for by visionaries, is poised to be the pride and joy of Echoing Green! 

An International Ecohumanitarian Organization


‘Crafting Carbon-Negative Living'