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Lovely organisations and individuals from around the globe like to say some encouraging words about the post-ecocidal worth of Eco Pax Mundi Agora in a crumbling Planet. Below you can read their various endorsements.

The organisation is endlessly grateful for these kind statements, which often pour straight from the endorser's heart and are, to a more or less extent, grounded in a heightened sensitivity towards both the human and the more-than-human worlds. Eco Pax Mundi Agora wouldn't make much sense without the acknowledgement and gratefulness from those who we consider to be quite exemplary Eco Pax Mundi Agorians and to whom the organisation is fully devoted. Eco Pax Mundi Agora is further enriched from their unbending stand in the world. 

The endorsements reproduced below are literally the contributors' own words. Eco Pax Mundi Agora has only undertaken translation and minor editing work to ensure that all texts read well in English. The texts are posted in inverse chronological order as they've been progressively flooding in since summer 2020 when the organisation, precisely on 24th August, came fully of age despite being rethought on a weekly basis given its very ambitious remit. 


Núria Armengol Martínez born in Reus (Catalonia) on 13th November, 1973. Profession: psychologist. Toni Cobo Pérez born in Jaén (Spain)on 28th March, 1974. Profession: Administrative assistant.

This is a timely and utterly necessary project: Eco Pax Mundi Agora. It's a project that unfolds in an integral and holistic manner. It takes into account all necessary aspects for a 'change of mindset' in its diverse intertwined dimensions: ranging from economics to ecology to our 'level of consciousness' as well as spirituality.

It may be said that the devastating effects following our lack of respect for our ecosystems are already apparent. Right now humanity is in its entirety united for a pandemic that is profoundly affecting all countries health-wise but also in the economic sphere. The pandemic has hit us so hard precisely given the lack of planetary biodiversity: if humanity goes against the wise wisdom of ecosystems we end up having serious problems.

We must take into account that we humans cannot survive with ecosystems that we go on exploiting whilst exhausting natural resources. However, ecosystems can certainly live without us. It seems therefore that we're the main destroyers of ourselves as a species! We're intrinsically united to everything, we're interdependent and we depend upon the ecosystems that are generous with us and provide us with what we need. In this light, the overexploitation of resources, population growth (there are no invasive species, we're the invaders!), and capitalism are key determining factors of future undesirable and harmful scenarios for humanity.

The project that Ruth Thomas-Pellicer is in charge of coordinating enjoys all the characteristics to prevent this undesirable future, with her salient capacity to understand the intrinsic problems that underlie the aforementioned factors. Ruth further exhibits a very desirable responsive capacity to improve all these aspects that are so harmful for the environment, and eventually for the human being.

We undoubtedly support a project like this because if we don't believe that change is possible we can't create a new reality. In this emerging reality human beings will be more conscious and able to understand the interconnection amongst everything and everyone; human beings and beings on the whole in harmony, perhaps as in the film 'Avatar': is this possible? The project Eco Pax Mundi Agora makes us believe it is.

Endorsement written on 18th October 2020 in Reus (Catalonia). Original text written in Spanish. Translation by Eco Pax Mundi Agora.


Roselle Angwin, Totnes, Devon. Born in Cornwall, Great Britain, 1955. 'Roselle is an author, poet and 'ecosoul’ workshop and retreat facilitator' (addendum if space: 'interested in using the imaginal worlds of soulwork, story, myth, poetry and slow walking in wildish lands to transform our relationship to the more-than-human').

‘For too long, we humans have tended to see the earth as put here for us: as a ‘resource’ (a word I hate in this context). The result, as we all know, is environmental destruction on a massive scale: talk about sawing-off the branch on which we sit! And yet we are attempting to continue with our path of infinite growth on our finite little planet. Many of us feel devastated about and helpless to change this. 

'Are there solutions? Do we have time? Well, here’s someone who is acting ‘as if’: maybe the strongest position one can take in our time. Ruth Thomas-Pellicer at Eco Pax Mundi Agora is both a visionary, and truly a force of nature. Her inspired project for regeneration gives me hope. In its far-reaching, deep and humane (in its broadest sense) message, it convinces us that not only do we have to change our ways, but perhaps together, we can.’

Endorsement written in Totnes, Devon (Great Britain). Original Text in English. 


Itziar Barrera Martorell born on December 25 in Reus (Catalonia). Profession: Administrative Assistant

We're considered the most intelligent species on the planet, but we're the worst...What are we doing in this world? What's our mission on the planet? We might never know. It seems, though, that our only mission is that of bringing the planet with all its species teeming with life to extinction...Have you ever considered that maybe this planet doesn't belong to us and that we're only its guests? Even then its healing is in our hands...We've been borne over the centuries, we've been forgiven numberless times, but we keep overlooking its dire situation...we're the only species that attacks, destroys, annihilates, pollutes and wipes itself out out of ambition...The planet is the best host of our species. Isn't it the case that it deserves an acknowledgement?

ECO PAX MUNDI AGORA is a project that acknowledges the planet as our host.

Entertaining the idea that we have to look after the Earth and regenerate the planet may seem difficult, even impossible. However, after this year's pandemic, we've seen that with only a short time under lockdown, the planet could easily regenerate itself, abate pollution, the remaining species could walk free on Earth and so on.

Change is POSSIBLE if we all have a common goal: THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET, because our shared abode is in our hands.


It's for this reason that I give all my support to ECO PAX MUNDI AGORA for its initiative and great idea. Projects like this are the ones that make possible a better and more sustainable planet. To be more precise, they make possible a planet with a FUTURE.

Endorsement written in Reus (Catalonia) on 30th August 2020. Original text in Catalan. Translation by Eco Pax Mundi Agora.


Sumana Sarkar, born on 19th October 1987 in Calcutta (India). Profession: DOB

We all are children of mother earth and we owe her everything. It's our duty to protect her, not only for her, for our own sake, for the future of the upcoming generation. In the name of civilization, we are harming the balance, but civilization can't be stopped either, rather we should know how to have a balance, how to develop a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. So organizations like Eco Pax Mundi Agora are taking a step forward to lead that way.  More power to them! Endorsement written in Bangalore (India) on 29th August 2020. Original text in English.


Carme Sánchez Ruiz born on 1st May 1960, in Rus (Spain). Profession: Shop Assistant

Sometimes people don't notice all the wonders that surround us, and some doggedly insist on destroying them. 

I myself, who, whenever the opportunity arises goes hiking in the mountains, realise how with the passing of time the landscape has been changing. One only needs to have a look at the glaciers, which are increasingly smaller. Similarly, the waterfalls are no longer so fast-flowing. THE SITUATION IS REALLY WORRYING. 

That's why I fully support Ruth and her project ECO PAX MUNDI AGORA. I am grateful for the effort of people like her who in the teeth of adversity and tribulations don't hesitate to make it a better planet.

Endorsement written in Reus (Catalonia) on 21st August 2020. Original text in Catalan. Translation by Eco Pax Mundi Agora.


Susana Ramos Pérez born on 31st January 1986 in Reus (Catalonia). Profession: Postwoman

We are responsible for taking care of our skin, our eyes, our food, our mental health...why not our planet? Thanks to our planet our emotions are stimulated and we can speak several languages. What good is all that if we don't do our best to save the Planet? Mother Earth feeds us. We breathe the oxygen she provides us with. We walk on her womb as guests on this earthly life. What do you have to offer as a guest of the planetary abode?

Projects like ECO PAX MUNDI AGORA are the kind that are born from the utopian dream created by wonderful and kind people who muster the courage to contribute their bit to preserve the wonders of our planetary abode. Let's help this project grow and bear fruit! Go ahead ECO PAX MUNDI AGORA! 

Endorsement written in Reus (Catalonia) on 21st August 2020. Original text in English. 


María del Carmen Cayuela Nieto born on 9th January 1956 in Mar de la Plata (Argentina). Profession: Bank Manager, retiree

******* Since the dawn of time, mankind has pursued civilisation, progress and power for their own benefit, squeezing natural resources and covering the planet with harmful and indestructible waste.

Nature is a living being as a whole. The Earth needs us, we must contribute all our personal collaboration and we must unconditionally support those people and entities that make their lives a crusade to achieve the common good.

I really congratulate ECO PAX MUNDI AGORA on its excellent and careful work . Go ahead !!! I wish this project much success. *******

Endorsement written in Reus (Catalonia) on 12th August 2020. Original text in English. 



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