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'Dark Waters': Forever Chemicals

Posted by Ruth Thomas-Pellicer on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 Under: Activism
Chemical multinationals have been coming up with a number of superb pieces of lab engineering. They are 'superb' because, unlike plastics that are only very good in comparison, these are chemicals that never break down. Once released, they are on the Planet to stay through the aeons unless willingly removed by human action. That's why they are dubbed 'forever chemicals'. There are some 8 of these chemicals so far on the Planet. They are highly noxious and carcinogenic. They run freely in our waters, lands and also bodies! Chemical companies are hardly penalised for these products on the part of environmental agencies since it seems that it is the very corporations that have to come up with their own limiting legislation given the novelty of the substances. 


I learnt about 'forever chemicals' in a film called 'Dark Waters' released last year, which I have only recently seen. 'Dark Waters' tells the real story of an American attorney who almost single-handedly fights the multinational Du Pont that has knowingly been poisoning a large community with the manufacturing of one of these chemicals. The alarming results of the research conducted by the same corporation were swept under the carpet not to jeopardise the huge profits made with the products developed with the chemical at issue . 

Starred by Mark Ruffalo, an environmental activist himself. A friend has told me about a documentary on the same topic but I don't have the link to this at the moment. 
Dark Waters' un drama procedural sobre el abogado que se enfrentó ...

Perhaps a suitable screening for those of you who teach environmental programmes. 

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