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Change The World Without Taking Power but with the Creation of Natural Carbon Sinks

Posted by Ruth Thomas-Pellicer on Monday, July 22, 2019 Under: Re-embodiments politics

I once read a Marxist book -and wrote a review thereof- entitled 'Change the World without Taking Power'. I guess the motto resonates with many of us in the altermondialiste movement. It's my belief that fulfilling the remit goes, to a large extent, by way of creating natural carbon sinks thereby sequestering carbon so that the latter becomes a dynamic of fertility and it's stropped from its performance as a global warmer and climate changer.  

In this succinct video (follow-up video, also succinct) the 2-hecatare (=20,000 m2) French Farm du Bec Helloin which has endorsed permaculture and regenerative organic principles, puts the dynamics at issue in a nutshell: 

"The economic performance of the farm, thanks to the fact that you can grow a lot of vegetables on a small surface, shows that we produce as much in 1/10 of a hectare as our colleagues in 1 hectare with a tractor [i.e., practising industrial farming]. If you can produce the same in 1/10 hectare as conventional farming does in a hectare, it means that 9/10 hectare is freed, space which can be used to plant trees. Under tress animals can be raised and that enables the creation of a very diverse agro-system, with many 
ecological niches and therefore the whole farm 
becomes a carbon sink. The farm further improves itself thanks to the trees, animals and all the natural wildlife that comes and live on this 
piece of land".     

Farm Du Bec Helloin

Farm by farm we can do our bit!

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