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Rex Weyler, Co-Founder of Greenpeace International, Proposes Some Ways Forward in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Posted by Ruth Thomas-Pellicer on Friday, May 22, 2020 Under: Re-embodiments politics

Below you can listen to the inspiring talk by Rex Weyler, co-founder of Greenpeace, on the double bind of the pandemic. Some very good points that Weyler makes in relation to 'whither the global polity in the aftermath of COVID-19:

(1) A long-term perspective is necessary away from the legislature-based short-termism adopted by politicians;

(2) We have to move away from engineering linear thinking towards systems thinking including a humble approach towards Mother Earth as we can't know all the variables. Only Mother Earth who nurtures us all knows them.

(3) There is hope for the future as long as we get back in step with Mother Earth's ways: she is resilient;

(4) We have to distance ourselves from the productivity mindset that turns the wild world into products. Instead, we have to learn to be unproductive and inefficient; and

(5) We need to subject the human footprint on the planet to a substantial contraction at all levels: population, consumption, etc. Perhaps I would only object that we want plenty of economic growth when this is in the direction of restoration economics as proposed by Storm Cunningham.
Episode 48: Rex Weyler On The Double Bind Of The Pandemic

rex weyler

Rex Weyler, Author, Co-founder Greenpeace International


Rex Weyler is a writer and ecologist. His books include Blood of the Land, a history of indigenous American nations, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize; GreenpeaceThe Inside Story, a finalist for the BC Book Award and the Shaughnessy-Cohen Award for Political Writing; and The Jesus Sayings, a deconstruction of first century history, a finalist for the BC Book Award. In the 1970s, Weyler was a cofounder of Greenpeace International and editor of the Greenpeace Chronicles. He served on campaigns to preserve rivers and forests, and to stop whaling, sealing, and toxic dumping. He currently writes a monthly column on the Greenpeace International website.


  • The double bind of the pandemic.
  • How can we emerge with a far greater respect for nature?
  • The one solution that most environmentalists refuse to tackle.
  • Hope for the future of humanity and nature still reigns.

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