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The Italian Essayist Guido Dalla Casa Aptly Urges us to Overcome Industrial Civilization

Posted by Ruth Thomas-Pellicer on Sunday, October 20, 2019 Under: Re-embodiments politics
Guido Dalla Casa
Key points of Guido Dalla Casa's philosophy: 
  • We must become profoundly aware that we humans are an animal species which can be easily classified (Class: Mammals, Order: Primates). We are like a kind of cell in an organism, which is the Ecosphere or Earth. Therefore, the first value must be the good health of the entire organism;
  • This planet can support a maximum of 2 or 3 billion humans that are mostly vegetarians like the other primates, and with a level of consumption lower than at present.
  • All sentient beings (other animals, plants, ecosystems, collective beings) have the right to a life worth living. Natural entities have their proper value, they are not merely a function related to humans;
  • Any reasoning about possible processes must be carried out in the framework of a systemic-holistic paradigm which is non-linear;
  • Nature must be considered in its profoundly spiritual aspect.
And these are some of the proposals that this ecophilospher puts forth to attain a post-ecocidal culture: 
  • First of all: awareness. Starting from school, teaching at all ages what we know through Science, but only through those sciences which are close to philosophy and not those dominating today which are linked to technology, having become slaves of the economy and industry;
  • Diffuse throughout the world contraceptives in order to enhance birth control. The aim must be a reduction of the human population. When the snowy owl gets aware that there are few mice around, it stops producing eggs. Other animals who do not have predators create very little offspring.
  • Get rid of economic growth, which is a phenomenon impossible on Earth, except for short periods. In fact, economic growth replaces living organisms (forests, swamps, savannah, marine ecosystems) by inanimate matter (buildings, machines, roads, factories), thus destroying Life. Economic indicators must be banned from any discourse because they are harmful. 
To learn more about his philosophy please read here

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