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Posted by Ruth Thomas-Pellicer on Monday, September 1, 2014 Under: Activism

Dear friends,

The People’s Climate Mobilisation is not far now! While we are organising local mobilisations everywhere, heads of state are getting ready to gather in the New York, and thousands of local people are gearing up to take the streets in a massive march to push them to take serious action on the climate.

But there is going to be a special group of people in New York that we want to introduce today. They’re the “Global Climate Ambassadors” – climate leaders from many different regions who will be representing the voices of our communities and the climate struggles across the planet.

And here’s their story. Please read it and share with others.

Efleda is one of the Global Climate Ambassadors who’ll be taking our voices to New York in September

These Ambassadors are from Argentina, Turkey, Senegal, Poland, Peru, Vanuatu, Philippines and India – regions where climate change has been causing destructive impact, and in their communities, they have seen the effects of deadly hurricanes, major droughts and devastating impacts of floods.

Not all of us can be in New York. Most of us are busy organising elsewhere around the global through But this group of Ambassadors will be there with our global spirit – to add international voices to the thousands of others telling heads of state that we need Action, Not Words on climate change.

Please read and share their stories – and then let’s get back to organising.


Eduardo, Hoda, Mahir, Payal, and Will for the whole team

PS: Have you signed up to join an event on September 20-21? Click here to find one near you. And if there’s no events where you live, you can still organise your own and invite others to join -- let’s make this big!

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