Following them in Awe

Eco Pax Mundi Agora likes to acknowledge those associations and individuals whose life-affirming activities assist the planet in consolidating a much needed post-ecocidal turn. These are entities such as NGOs, journals, and local or international societies that promote ecological values and exemplify ecological citizenry. Eco Pax Mundi Agora learns from their contribution and in some way the organisation integrates their values in its functioning.    

The list of organisations and individuals that fulfil this post-ecocidal remit can be found below in alphabetical order. 

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Poetess Roselle Angwin
at The Wild Ways and Vegan Recipes Website

Roselle, with her poetic expression pervaded through and through with philosophical depth, her graceful appearance that speaks of someone that has a true soul-connection with the cycles of the more-than-human realm along with her designing and making experience of one-off garments from her own handspun and plant-dyed wool, custom-made footwear, and strict vegan dietetic prescriptions instantiates the path of the Eco Pax Mundi Agorian with our Eco Pax Mundi Agora Artisan Trades and our Eco Pax Mundi Agora Planetary Ethics Imperatives.

Roselle thank you for helping us believe that the humane way forward is possible and for holding the light for all those who are to follow you. Please don't ever forget that Eco Pax Mundi Agora looks up to your exemplary tread upon the Planet and that we need your embodied I-walk-the-talk to keep the fight for this nascent splendid post-industrial, post-ecocidal world alive and kicking!

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A Cross-Planetary Organisation of Intertwining Havens Earnestly Committed to Re-Embodying Action

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