Camí vell Reus-Castellvell

Furthering the Agorae

"Even if some future generation of [hu]mankind were to make, unanimously, a spiritual effort that would transfigure human society into a communion of saints, rest would not be one of the rewards of this spiritual achievement. Even in a saintly society the victory over self-centredness, collective and individual, would never be complete, and the effort would therefore have to be unremitting".

-Arnold J. Toynbee, A Study of History, 1972 

There are a couple of well-known verses by a renowned Spanish poet by the name of Antonio Machado. The verses read as follows:


'Caminante no hay camino, 
se hace camino al andar.' 

 (Hiker there is no path, 
the path is only made as you walk on.)

 This means indeed that when we embark upon a project, while some milestones operate as necessary guidance, we don't quite know which directions we will finally go down. As all exquisite poetry, those two verses have got an additional rendering. They can also signify that we shouldn't stop ourselves from enjoying a second of the route as there is no such thing as a steady path but only our putatively sturdy tread made with all-out enthusiasm. Finally, the stanza may also suggest that we should excel at our capacities for improvisation. 

Variety, the motto 'collige, virgo, rosas', steady gait, passion and mental suppleness are all, I believe, traits definitory of the attitude necessary to realize the Eco Pax Mundi Agora vision. I truly hope that we will live up to it.    


                                                       Latest update: 29th March 2018

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‘Conjointly we Redefine Our Tread Upon the Earth'