Implementation Plan

You  may understandibly wonder how we are to reestablish the commons? The answer to this question is, however, more simple than you may believe at first sight. Try and recall how the commons where usurped from the common people. Indeed, through processes of commodification: by enclosing the ancestrally open fields and establishing a system whereby basic sustenance was made believe to be exclusively possible by way of capital, unfair exchange value by which a whole week of work was initially equivalent to scarcely basic needs. This system has become so ingrained in the workings of the world today that it goes barely contested. Yet this system which seems implaccable has its glaring Achilles' heel, a glaring loophole. There is a relatively simple way to change the world without taking power. Namely, by playing back the game of capital and re-acquiring the commons. By buying back the land. So what is is needed? Captital, exchange value!

How are we to raise so much money that we can steadily set into place agorea? Many roads lead indeed to Rome, so we must certainly be inclusive and consider all possible avenues. Philantropy is undoubtably one very direct strategy. Those who feel moved for the witnessing of the restoration of public spaces will rush to donate and become regular members. So we can surely count upon the good heartedness of many of us. 

Additionally and fortunately, EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org can rely upon the direct support of a musical project that is utterly dedicated to the cause. The founding member of EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org, Ruth Thomas-Pellicer who in this artistic context takes the mantle of Sappho Mercury Amondi, is simultaneously writing lots of music for an upcoming symphonic rock bandrootingEllipsewhich is poised to succeed and fill up stadiums with fervent fans. Listen to a miscellany of songs belonging to a number of albums and you will immediately understand. The name of the band at issue is rootingEllipse as a metaphor for the fact that our duty is but reembodying our tread upon Tellus, Mother Earth. 

So here we are three conspicuous avenues of funding: regular members, ad hoc donations and a supporting music band! Aren't we poised to make headway?!  

                                                                    Latest update: 24th March 2018

An International Ecohumanitarian Organization


‘Conjointly we Redefine Our Tread Upon the Earth'