Implementation Plan

An Ecohumanitarian Organisation

Eco Pax Mundi Agora is an organisation with an ecohumanitarian spirit. This means that it has to raise funds to establish the steering bioregional agoras with their staff members including two regenerative organic farmers, two permaculturists, and an administrative assistant per agora. Eco Pax Mundi Agora also has to secure funds to cover the expenses of the 3-month training for each batch of co-stewards. Each batch of co-stewards is made up of up to 45 people. Each bioregional steering agora is to provide training to between 6 and 8 batches of co-stewards a year.

Working upon the Eco Pax Mundi Agora Roots, the Organisation's Modus Operandi

No funding will be secured unless Eco Pax Mundi Agora is very well defined. This is therefore a task upon which those directly engaged are constantly working. The mainstays have already been set out but some finishing touches are still being thought through. 

Moreover, Eco Pax Mundi Agora shall remain invariably open to the lessons that experience bestows, to the further advances in the relatively young regenerative and permacultural movements, and to potential contributions and feedback on the part of Eco Pax Mundi Agoreans. 

Research upon in Situ Enclaves of Non-Ecocidal Agricultural Practices

Dr Ruth Thomas-Pellicer, in her capacity as international coordinator of Eco Pax Mundi Agora, is to go back to Academia and engage in research to further learn from experiments in small-scale regenerative organic farming, permaculture and agroecology around the world with a balanced North-South perspective. She is eager to learn from the theory and practice of these in situ laboratories in order to distill the very best in each of them and further incorporate the distilled practices into the core functioning of Eco Pax Mundi Agora. 

As part of her research, Ruth is also intent upon delving into the propitious legal, political and economic framework to advance organic microfarming. This knowledge is key to make Eco Pax Mundi Agora a reality.

Leverage upon International Institutions and Philanthropic Bodies 

With the steady knowledge gained on Ruth's part and her hopefully burgeoning academic status, she expects, in time, to grow in a position where she is able to exert some leverage upon international bodies including the Food and Agriculture of the United Nations (FAO). She also aims to introduce Eco Pax Mundi Agora to foundations and philanthropists. In so doing, she expects to raise the profile of the organisation and secure funds, two intertwined remits. 


An International Ecohumanitarian Organisation

Eco Pax Mundi Agora

'Joining Hands to Advance Life-Affirming Earth Regenerative Living'