"We often assume that human impact on the environment must be necessarily destructive. At best, we think we can make an effort to be 'sustainable' [...] but what if we could do more than that? On a planet where humans dominate so much of the land and resource base, what if we could do better than simply not compromising the future? Creating regenerative systems --those that revitalize, restore, and rebuid-- moves us beyond sustainability." -Jono Neiger, The Permaculture Promise, 2016

Here Ruth Thomas-Pellicer provides her scholarly analysis of the promise of sustainable development. Namely, in setting to trace the worth of sustainable development, as set out in the Our Common Future report by the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987, Thomas-Pellicer has found out that it is an unproblematized reversal of capitalist productivity in sheer continuity with post-war developmental goals, only that now the environment has to be rationally managed to secure the survival of humanity —not least some of its segments. To be sure, sustainable development is the Trojan horse of industrial capitalism in ecocidal times.

Just the opposite we aim at EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org: organic produce and holistic education not dependent upon either the funding of multinationals or technocrats .

The Nation-State is but a Transitory Stage: the Agora is our Terminus 

The pro-independence movement in Catalonia has sparked debate, in political circles, on the nature and vaule of the nation-state. It goes without saying that the nation-state is way superior to those states where many peoples are subjugated to a suprapolitical structure where their cultures are partially or totally silenced, as it is largely the case of Spain today. 

However, the nation-state still suffers from all the drawbacks proper to the state as the visionary English world-historian Arnold J. Toynbee
alerts us to in his prescient environmental history Mankind and Mother Earth. Namely, the state is a war-making structure which, on top, relates its subject through structures of power the civil service where their denizens feel alienated as they fail to be on familiar terms.

War-making and alienation are fragile basis upon which to build a lasting Yin-oriented global polity, which the very same Arnold J. Toynbee, in his comprehensive A Study of History, forsaw to be settling for good on Earth in the aftermath of the two World Wars. 

In the agora, by contrast, agoreans base their relationships on proximity, and 'communities of meaning'— key to maintain socio-pshychological balance as highlighted in the work of Tim Jackson, are possible. 

Moreover, the agoras are non-violent by definition. There is no need for military power in a setting where its members establish laces of love and companionship and thus help out one another in times of tribulation. 

Our Earth Politics 

The Climate Justice Approach

Anthropocentric tinkering with the climate has been portrayed as 'climate change', as though the Western/ized induced forcing was a whim of the self-same climate. 

Moreover, such a perspective is perilous insofar as if fails to orient climate politics towards a long-term solution. Rather, plans for short-term adaptation are the order of the day. This strategy, furthermore, keeps us stuck to the developmental paradigm.   

Ruth Thomas-Pellicer and Miriam Pepper present the terms of a climate treaty, Jubilee for Climate Justice, that are not even considered in climate negotiations. 

In keeping with Biblical Jubilee prescriptions, we propose to render all countries sovereign of their lands and 'resources'. This entails the cancelation of the financial strangulation that the North exerts upon the South. The existence of such a strangulation is just a fantasy of the North --the terms interestedly spoken by Northern countries. 

Contrastingly, if we undertake an embodiing perspective, we realize that Northern countries have gained their advantageous financial situation by repeatedly plundering Southern ones. Namely, Northern countries have contracted both an ecological and an embodied debt with Southern ones. 

The time is high to undo these ecocidal links. This is the proposal of our Jubilee for Climate Justice.                                                                 


EcoPaxMundiAgoreans Endorse Vegeterianism and Localization 

The revision of  our daily habits stands high on the agenda of the EcoPaxMundiAgorean. EcoPaxMundiAgorans, to be sure, love the whole of creation and the creatures both so-called animate and inanimate that live therein. That is why we aim at neither managing nor standing above Tellus, Mother Earth. Rather, our true vocation is that of becoming good co-stewards of Hers.

EcoPaxMundiAgoreans oppose the cruelty, exploitation and dehumanization exerted upon animals that are raised to feed the human being who can afford the costs of industrial meat production precisely because, as ecological economists render us aware, these costs are utterly externalized from the ecocyles that meat production systematically disembodies. Indeed, the reader should be reminded of the fact that meat production is coupled with a devastating ecological footprint upon the land, the seas and the  fresh-water hydraulic cycle. 

On the other hand, EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org conceives as no wrongdoing raising hens, cocks, cattle, you name it, in a friendly manner --as they were pets, that is--  and thanks to this good conduct being able to take their eggs, rich in proteins, and milk in order to produce homemade dairy products.  

It must be observed that vegeterianism, in order to be effective, must go hand in hand with localization. Vegeterianism ought not to be the result of a choice customized to the individual by industrial capitalism entitled to uproot local communities for the mass production of now stylish vegeterian staple crops such as quinoa. Rather, vageterianism is a deep-green philosophy par excellence that calls for the re-localization of food production and the end of the human/animal hierarchary, which tends to take on but androcentric overtones as it is men over women who enjoy successive bites of meat! 

 Latest update: 3rd May 2018


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