'Think Globally, Act Locally'


In line with the ecological glocal mindset ('Think globally, act locally'), there are two beneficiaries to EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org. Namely, a generic global human and non-human population that will benefit from the climate-chaos mitigating impact of the agoras, and the co-stewards part of the project. Eric Toensmeier in 'The Carbon Farming Solution' estimates that regenerative organic farming, coupled with a transition to renewables, can return the atmosphere to the safe 350 parts per million of C02

Co-stewards (lifelong villagers or urban newcomers irrespective of age, gender, nationality and religious background) receive education in regenerative organic farming, permaculture design, low-tech trades and ecological economics. This training renders them employable in the running of the agora or in the revival of the economic life of the related municipality. 

EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org expects to set up 6 seed agoras a year with a minimum of 25 co-stewards per agora. However, as ecosystem agoras philanthropically instruct at least one seed agora, EcoPaxMundiAgora will, in time, grow exponentially.


EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org is a multidimensional project, so is the assessment of its status and success. EcoPaxMundiAgora.Org can be assessed by the following parameters: 

(a) tonnes of carbon sequestered in biomass and soil; 

(b) number of municipalities involved and thus of agoras established in Spain and globally; 

(c) number of seed agoras that develop into an ecosystem agora; 

(d) number of co-stewards per project; 

(e) number of social and educational activities run per agora; 

(f) number of new businesses and services run per settlement involved; and 

(g) number of (reasonable) payments for ecosystem services made to the agoras.

An International Ecohumanitarian Organization


‘Crafting Carbon-Negative Living'